Georgia Research Alliance

Collaborative Research to Fuel the Economy

This nationally recognized partnership brings universities, government, and industry leaders together to foster economic growth throughout the state. As one of six university partners, we’ve helped support everything from AIDS research to vaccine development.

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Atlanta Science Festival

Writing the Formula for Scientific Fun

With annual events sponsored and hosted by Emory, we help our faculty and staff show the community the curious things they’re up to—including hands-on, eye-opening, and curiosity-evoking science demonstrations and games.

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Georgia Tech + UGA + Emory

Collaboration over Competition

Public-private partnerships among Emory, the University of Georgia, and Georgia Tech help the world tackle its big issues through combining our research and sharing our solutions.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Tackling Ebola and Beyond

Through readiness and courage during the Ebola outbreak of 2014, Emory created strong collaborative ties with the CDC—leading to funding for our Prevention Epicenter of Emory and Atlanta Consortium Hospitals.

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The Carter Center

Jimmy Carter's Emory Legacy

The commitment to understand and engage in societal challenges across the world—like working for peace and fighting disease—has propelled this partnership to be a powerful global force for good.

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