Making a Difference


Solutions Start Here

When we solve problems for people and places surrounding us, we’re better prepared to come up with the answers the world needs.

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Bright Minds on a Mission

With some of the top leaders in the health and health sciences industry, Emory is making a difference not just in Atlanta, but globally.

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Working toward a Better World

Emory researchers are fearless in their pursuit of knowledge and innovative in their collaborations—with experts across countries, institutions, and disciplines.

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Liberal Arts

Learning for Change

Every one of our undergraduates gains a firm foundation in the liberal arts, preparing them to be excellent verbal and written communicators, to think critically, and to be proactive problem solvers. It’s a foundation for each of them, but also for society, preparing them to serve, lead, and—yes—change the world.

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Research in Action


Understanding Newborn Minds

Findings by Emory psychologists provide the earliest look yet into the visual cortex of newborns, using harmless functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Scans show that babies are born with brains hardwired for seeing faces and their surroundings.

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By the Numbers

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Emory students participate in volunteer work or community service
$151.5 M
Provided in charity care by Emory Healthcare
Among medium-sized schools in producing Teach for America corps members
Top 50
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