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Breakthroughs aren't easy to come by. This is why we're proud of our tireless work and dedication to improve lives, as well as the network we've built to support our common research goals. From discovering a widely used HIV drug to pioneering brain therapy for Parkinson's disease and depression, Emory is making the world a better place. And we're just getting started. 

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Making Care a Priority


Study on COVID-19 Immune Response Launched at Emory

In an effort to understand how the coronavirus progresses and to identify ways to treat it, Emory researchers are participating in a nationwide study to examine the immune responses of those hospitalized with the disease.

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By the Numbers

In NIH funding for nursing research
In NIH funding overall
In external research funding
Start-up companies with 350 active licenses

Boosting our Brainpower

Through our government, academic, and industry relationships, we are taking research well beyond Emory—and together, making discoveries that none of us could make alone. Biomedical engineering, robotics, and regenerative medicine are just a few of the areas where our collaborative research is making a real difference in the world.  

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